Cisco Prime Service Catalog (PSC)


IT service requests can come from anywhere within a business. To process the various activities generated, most IT organizations have some form of help desk to triage and manage those requests. The bottleneck this generates slows down service delivery and often frustrates the end user, who has no idea of the complexity their request may involve. Prime Service Catalog was built to address this aspect of IT service delivery, through the automation of the request process and the ultimate provisioning of services, reducing inefficiencies and human intervention.

Prime Service Catalog accomplishes the goal of automating service delivery by allowing the user to self-provision common service offerings. When a user needs an IT service, or to make changes to a service already in production, they can log in to Prime Service Catalog and request the new service or change directly from the service catalog. By exposing a pre-built menu of services to the user, provisioning services is greatly streamlined.

Prime Service Catalog’s self-service portal provides the following:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comparison of standard options: You can view multiple offerings side by side to determine which best meets your requirements.
  • Rich interactive web forms: The user can choose from fully HTML5-based ordering forms that enable the creation of simple but sophisticated offerings. You can prepopulate values or ask for direct input from the user.
  • Policy control and governance: IT policy and governance are built in to the system to ensure that security and resource allocation is managed in real time.
  • Ordering and approvals: The ordering system includes cost and billing mechanisms as well as a built-in order approval workflow if needed for costly resources.
  • Online status updates: A built-in status system can provide real-time updates on the provisioning status of your application or service.

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