IT Automation Services

IT Automation Services

Since our inception, the Metsi strategy has been to deliver a sustainable and profitable business based around IT automation services that offers niche solutions, leading skills and innovation to our customers.

Our investment in the technical architecture team has been a recipe of differentiation and a catalyst for securing critical long-term contracts and new customers. The ability to lead with Professional Services has also allowed us to become a confident and trusted adviser to many of our customers and ensures that our reach goes deeper and wider across the customers IT Landscape.

Metsi has a team that is self-sufficient in defining the pre-requisite of the various data, integration points and process flows within a project and once transitioned to production provides the expertise to support these complex environments based around Automation Services.

Our world class project delivery capability has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers. The key ingredient of success is our transparent engagement methodology consisting of consulting with our customers, identifying measurable use cases and implementing solutions aligned our business requirements and value driven use cases.

Metsi has developed a series of  Standard Services to address specific business and IT related issues and which can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Some of these offerings are platform agnostic and others are defiend around specific deliverables with vendor products which we specialise in.

If you are looking for a leader in the field of IT automation services for your datacenter, Metsi are an established and experienced leader in this field.


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