Software-Defined Networking

Dynamically configure and provision applications, infrastructure and IT resources

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) helps organisations accelerate application deployment and delivery and reduces IT costs via policy-enabled work-flow automation.

With software-defined networking (SDN), you can more easily make your network automatically adjust to application needs. No more changing configurations across an endless number of devices. You gain an end-to-end network services view and can control your core assets more effectively. Build a network today for what your business needs tomorrow.

Automate infrastructure based on one policy across the entire access network, as a single fabric.

  1. Management – Manage Cisco SD-Access with a central dashboard. Easily design, provision, apply policy, and assure network services with full visibility across the entire network.
  2. Identity-based policy – Gain awareness of what’s hitting your network. SD-Access simplifies delivery of consistent, highly secure, identity-based policy for users and devices across wired and wireless networks.


Predict network performance by using machine learning to correlate user and application data with actionable insights.

  1. Simplify management – A single user interface makes it easy to troubleshoot problems on your network.
  2. Gain network visibility – Collect data in real time from devices, users, and applications across the enterprise.
  3. Save time, solve problems – Analytics combined with automation reduces time spent on troubleshooting.


Help ensure a high-quality user experience at your branch offices while reducing costs and complexity.

  1. Better user experience – Deploy applications in minutes, on any platform. Deliver a consistent user experience and predictable performance.
  2. Greater agility – Get faster, easier deployment and operation of your WAN, and faster performance using less bandwidth.
  3. Advanced threat protection – Securely connect users to applications. Multilayer security encrypts all data for protection from the WAN edge to the cloud.


Help ensure a high-quality user experience at your branch offices while reducing costs and complexity.

  1. Automation and agility – Automate IT workflows and help organisations shorten app deployment from weeks to minutes.
  2. Open and programmable – Build programmable SDN fabrics leveraging open APIs and over 65 Cisco ACI global partner ecosystems.
  3. Security and analytics – Secure applications through whitelist model, policy enforcement, and micro-segmentation.
  4. Workload mobility at scale – Deploy and migrate applications seamlessly across geographies with consistent policy.



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