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Metsi offers a number of training courses, either onsite or remotely. Our pre-built courses can also be customized to your specific training requirements and teams. For example, you may want to have your infrastructure and DevOps teams attend the first two days of Kubernetes training together and then break out into their respective disciplines.

We have developed courses for:

  • Cisco UCS Director Fundamentals & Advanced
  • Cisco CloudCenter
  • Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite
  • Cisco Process Orchestrator
  • Cisco ACI
  • Puppet
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)


The courses below represent some of the training classes that we have today. Course durations indicate the length of time our customers typically request and can be customized according to your specific needs.

If you don’t see a workshop you are looking for, please submit an inquiry. We are constantly developing new course materials for next generation IT architectures.

Course Name Course Duration
Kubernetes for Infrastructure and DevOps (AKS)
Cisco Prime Service Catalog Workshop 5
Cisco Process Orchestrator Workshop 2
Cisco ACI Use Case 1: Base Fabric Deployment 10
Cisco ACI Use Case 2: Migration from Legacy Network 10
 Cisco ACI Use Case 3: Leaf & Fabric Manipulation 5
Cisco ACI Use Case 4: L2 extension (bridging) into the fabric 10
Cisco ACI Use Case 5: End point / Host port additions & decommissioning Design workshop 5
Infrastructure-as-Code Automation Workshop 3
Introduction to Cisco Tetration Foundations 1
Introduction to Cisco Workload Optimization Manager 1
UCS Director QuickStart Iaas (remote) 2
UCS Director Standard IaaS 5
UCS Director Enhanced IaaS 5
UCS Performance Manager IaaS 5
Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite QuickStart 15
Cisco Cloud Center QuickStart Workshop 2
Cisco Cloud Center Standard 5
Cisco Cloud Center Enhanced 10
OpenStack FastTrack (remote) 1
OpenStack Single Node (remote) 2
OpenStack Multi Node (remote) 5
OpenStack IaaS Pilot (remote) 5
OpenStack with Billing Pilot (remote) 20
VMWare to OpenStack Migration (remote) 2
OpenStack Bare Metal for UCS Manager 15

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